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Our 20th anniversary year has been a time of great blessing. We have greeted new members and friends, expanded our outreach into the surrounding community, and seen exciting growth in our youth and children's ministry. We've revamped our spiritual growth offerings, bringing the spiritually hungry more deeply into God's Word. We've launched a new web site and daily devotions, using the latest technology to empower our ministries. Our creative teams continue to lead us in worship that is relevant and inspiring. The Spirit of God is mightily at work in us and through us, and lives have been changed.

Your faithful answer to God's call makes all this possible. Your prayers and labor carry forward the work of God's kingdom. Your sacrificial giving moves mountains. Thank you!

It is that time of year in which we consider our commitment to God's work and renew our pledges of prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. These are the promises that will determine the trajectory of 2013 at Peace. thank you for all you do as part of our family of faith.

--Rev. LeeAnn Inman, October 2012

As true now as it was then!
Why A Pledge Card?

This year it is our expectation that each member of Peace Church will complete and submit an Estimate of Giving Card (and our hope that all regular visitors will do so as well). There are two reasons to complete the card:
  • IT IS AN ACT OF WORSHIP as holy and significant as worship on any Sunday. It is an act of thanksgiving, an acknowledgement of God's blessing, a tangible expression of faith, and a fulfillment of the vows that each of us made when we chose to become members of this congregation.
  • IT IS A PRACTICAL ACT OF RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP that, combined with the gifts of all the people of Peace, allows us to do together what we could not do alone and is a strong vote of confidence in our ministry staff and volunteers.
What If Financial Hardship Keeps Me From Pledging?

Your acceptance at Peace is not based upon your ability to give financially. If you're experiencing financial stresses that prevent you from pledging, just say so on your Estimate of Giving Card. It's okay. Don't let that be a barrier to joining us in worship or participating in ministry. We value your service and prayers, and our pastoral staff is here for you when you're struggling. If circumstances change, it's also perfectly fine to adjust your giving as you feel God is guiding you. It's all right to give less if you need to, and it's certainly okay to give more as blessings come your way!
Why Giving Matters

Jesus speaks clearly about our relationship with money: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Our expenditures are a window to our priorities. He was also clear that a generous life is the true path to joy and contentment. Investing in the Kingdom of God pays eternal dividends. Giving to Peace Church has a real impact in the lives of children, youth, families and individuals every day.

What Is Expected Of Me?

Giving is one of the most powerful ways of growing our faith. The Bible is unambiguous in setting out God's expectation for those who follow him: it is the tithe (that is, setting aside the first 10% of our resources for God's work.) Those at Peace who follow the discipline of the tithe will tell you how richly blessed they are by this practice (ask them!). For many, this level of giving seems like an impossible challenge (only 8% of believers actually tithe). It can be a difficult leap of faith to take all at once, but if we are serious about our spiritual growth, there are some simple principles we can embrace:
  • BE INTENTIONAL: Take it seriously. Pray for guidance. Talk about it with family and spiritual friends. (Fill out an EFT form!)
  • GIVE UNTIL IT FEELS GOOD: Giving, as described by Jesus, means that we feel it -- that we intentionally make God a priority.
  • GIVE CHEERFULLY: We are called to give with a willing heart. Make your pledge and take pride and joy in the ministries of our church and knowing that you play a significant part in making them possible.


Whatever your level of giving, accept the challenge to step up a level in faith [if you have pledged 3% of your resources in 2013, ask God to grow your faith to a 4% level]. If each member and friend of Peace made that simple commitment, 2014 would be a time of explosive ministry growth and possibility!


Stewardship 2014
Estimate Of Giving Card

To be taken to where you can fill out the Estimate of Giving Card, please click the following link:

Stewardship 2014
Estimate Of Giving Card

Please note that, as always, your information is held strictly confidential and is only viewed by those who must process this information.


Partner With Peace

We're asking that you complete the Estimate Of Giving Card as soon as you can and return it to the church in worship or at the church office (or you can complete it online). Join us as we celebrate the unique DNA of our congregation, what it is that sets us apart. It is a community worth supporting with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. We welcome all people, and we believe in bringing change to the world.


EFT and Online Giving

With Electronic Funds Transfer, one easy step guarantees that the church will receive your gifts on a regular basis, even if you are out of town or forget one week. If you choose this option, please fill out an EFT enrollment form found at

or in the church office. An exciting new method for giving our offering is by utilizing the

Donate Now!

link on our website homepage. This option gives you the ability to easily donate and may also be used to donate to any of the Mission Campaigns that are actively being funded within Peace Church.