Service Saturdays
Peace UMC Service Saturdays

-Drew Emerson, Peace UMC Trustees

How many of you feel like you allow meetings, emails, networking, social media, getting ahead at work, chores at home, keeping up with my latest favorite TV series to consume your days, your energy and your resources? And the sacrifice is that God and my family get my left overs. However, when I put a priority on service at this Church, I find it a truly rewarding and gratifying way to spend my time.

In the spirit of stewardship season, the Trustees and Church Leadership are asking you to consider making a small commitment of your time in service to your church home. On the 2nd Saturday of every month we are going to host a Monthly Saturday of Service on our campus. The next Saturday of Service event is scheduled for February 10, 2018. Our commitment is to have a specific list of chores or projects to complete each month, and that our work will begin at 8:00 a.m. and finished no later than 12:00 noon each month.

Service areas include:
  • Remove weeds from various flower beds and other areas on property
  • Check/fix stained or misplaced ceiling tiles
  • Check dumpster enclosure and make sure area is clean and clear
  • Power wash the portico/sidewalks
  • Patch holes in drywall & touch up paint
  • Cleaning/organizing building rooms, closets & the church bus

This will be an opportunity for many people to contribute their gifts and time in a way that will be rewarding and fulfilling. And you might meet some great people along the way! No obligation to show up every month. No skill set or handy man capabilities required. Just love for our church and the desire to serve. In the spirit of stewardship, we hope you'll consider pledging some of your time!