Day 1 - Peace 25th Trivia Answer

The Peace UMC 25th Anniversary Trivia Chase

Day 1 Answer

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The Question:

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Welcome to the first day of the Peace UMC 25th Anniversary Trivia Chase! For our question of the day, look at the dapper, young man at the left. Where, when and under what circumstances was this photo taken? Can you tell us more? You may click on the photo to enlarge it. Send your answers to Larry the Lay Leader! (Click)
The Answer:

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Take a look at the scan of the article at the left which appeared in early November of 1991 in a Special Holiday Edition of Hunter's Creek News. There you will see Reverend Bob Bushong, the new, founding pastor of Peace United Methodist Church, the first church planned in Hunter's Creek. In the photo with Pastor Bob is the original sign for Peace UMC standing in an empty field along Town Center Boulevard in what would become Mallard Cove. Our church was slated to be built on a 7-acre parcel within Mallard Cove. However, the fact that we would be confined within a singular village began to weigh upon us and negotiations began to acquire the 7 parcels where Peace UMC now resides. This gave us the ability to more open to the Hunter's Creek Community and beyond.

Pastor Bob, currently our Florida East Central District Superintendent, is scheduled to speak to the congregation of Peace UMC during all three services on our 25th Anniversary Sunday, January 15, 2017.
Gena and Neal Blackketter
Neal and I think that this was in the very beginning in front of the originally designated property. We can no longer remember exactly location but it was later swapped for the property where our building now stands. I think the circumstances were introducing the new church and pastor to the community. We can't wait to see if we were right about any of this!
Cathy Mathews
I almost said "groundbreaking", but I was there (and have photos)!

The wall gave me a clue -- this is not the current site, but the original site chosen by the conference, in Mallard Cove. The church leaders wanted a more visible location and asked to move it. So this was one of the early promo shots of Bob at the original site, off Town Center Blvd. on the east side of JYP.
Diana McMillan
I know who it is, but we were not part of the congregation yet. Guessing Bob is at the original lot Hunters Creek wanted for the church.
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