Day 10 - Peace 25th Trivia Answer

The Peace UMC 25th Anniversary Trivia Chase

Day 10 Answer

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The Question:

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Welcome to the 10th day of the Peace UMC 25th Anniversary Trivia Chase and Happy New Year's Eve! For our trivia question of the day, what was happening in this photo? When and where was it taken and what is the significance of this activity? Can you tell us more? You may click on the photo to enlarge it. Send your answers to Larry the Lay Leader! (Click)
The Answer:

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The photo shown for the question was taken from this sheet of photos that comes from the Peace UMC Groundbreaking Ceremony, held on site Sunday after church on December 4, 1994. This was a real milestone for Peace UMC and many people wanted to participate in the historic event. The top, center and lower left photos depict our first Communion, officiated by Pastor Bob Bushong and taken at our new building site.

The lower right photo shows members of the Peace UMC Building Committee performing the official groundbreaking for our new building. Note the gilded shovel blades (gold paint - not gold plate). After that, any and all were invited to participate in the groundbreaking using the many shovels brought for the purpose.

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The top part of this scan was lifted directly from the Peace Works newsletter from the week prior to the Groundbreaking Ceremony. Also shown are three other views of the activities of the day.

One interesting side note: The Communion Table was positioned on site as close as we could calculate where it would reside within the Sanctuary when the building was completed.

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Here's the Master of Ceremonies himself, Pastor Bob Bushong, as he does his part to make the Peace UMC Groundbreaking Ceremony official.

Note that at the time we were in relative isolation where we were, with the Greenway still relatively new and just a few houses nearby.

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This scan shows an architectual drawing from that time of what the whole ceremony was leading to - Peace United Methodist Church - coming soon! Beautiful and God Blessed!, right?

Can you spot the differences between this drawing and what was actually built?

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In this last figure we see a scan of the actual Order of Worship used during the afternoon of December 4, 1994, for the Peace UMC Groundbreaking Ceremony. It begins with the congregation singing none other than that great old hymn The Church's One Foundation, as our church was truly blessed!

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