Day 12 - Peace 25th Trivia Answer

The Peace UMC 25th Anniversary Trivia Chase

Day 12 Answer

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The Question:

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Welcome to the 12th day of the Peace UMC 25th Anniversary Trivia Chase and Happy New Year! Take a look at the photo at the left. This is not the question, but a bonus photo collage of Pastor Bob serving God and Peace UMC throughout our early years at Southchase Theater, Waterbridge Elementary School and then at the Peace UMC Church building. You can see an enlargement of this photo on the website. However, for today's question, can you recall some of the earlier, specialized ministries at Peace UMC? Can you tell us more? You may click on the photo to enlarge it. Send your answers to Larry the Lay Leader! (Click)
The Answer:

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This photo depicts the banner created for the CAST Ministry. CAST (Creating And Singing Together) For Christ is a children's ministry group founded to provide opportunities for children to experience God's Love through creative activities, such as musical chorale groups and ensembles.

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This is a letter written by Director of Music Ministries Greg Carswell as part of an ongoing effort to keep historical records to document the early ministry efforts of Peace UMC. It was written in 1994.

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The historical documentation effort spearheaded by Eric and Irene Holmgren continued in 1994 with the addition of a short article by Michelle Patterson, Sacred Dance Director and Founder.

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In this last figure we see a scan of the article written for our history by Patty Blanchard, Director - Puppet Ministry.

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