Day 21 - Peace 25th Trivia Answer

The Peace UMC 25th Anniversary Trivia Chase

Day 21 Answer

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The Question:

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Welcome to the 21st day of the Peace UMC 25th Anniversary Trivia Chase Take a look at the photo at the left. This photo shows one of our favorite, hug-loving people, Dot Morley, having a great time meeting and greeting people while busy at her booth as part of a particular event. Do you remember? Can you tell us more? You may click on the photo to enlarge it. Send your answers to Larry the Lay Leader! (Click)
The Answer:

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Dot Morley was working in her China Painting booth as part of the Peace UMC 1996 Fall Festival!

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We sincerely hope that you marked your calendars and attended a Peace Fall Festival in the past! They were an early, yearly Community Outreach Event that included Arts and Craft exhibitors inside the air-conditioned MPR, plus lots of activities for the kids outside and FOOD!

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Arts and Craft Exhibitors showcasing their work during the Peace UMC 1996 Fall Festival. You could purchase some very unique pieces of art during the festival!

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In this last figure we see a photo of some of the outdoor activities designed for our younger festival attendees. Plus, there was FOOD!

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